GNOMAE(General Network Optima Modeler And Engine) is our product that models and optimizes (mathematically) business processes where products flow through a network (supply chain, job shop, warehouse, transportation system, etc.).

GNOMAE is potentially valuable in a number of situations as follows:

1As a consulting tool, GNOMAEis useful in the design or redesign of facilities such as warehouses and factories to insure the optimum flow of products.

2.  In the same vein, it is valuable to optimize a client’s supply chain to describe the arrangement of facilities and transportation to maximize total profitability.With the use of non-linear cost curves, it will specify the proper macro-level of such variable costs as inventory.

3.  Interfaced to your software, it can produce optimum, periodic (daily, by-shift, hourly, etc.) schedules for transportation fleets, warehouses, and production facilities (continuous, discrete, batch, job, and so forth).

Organized into two modules: (1) the Modeler is free, used to describe the network to optimize, and designed to be used as both a management-consulting tool and scheduler and (2) the resulting network is uploaded to the Engine, which optimizes and downloads the solution.

One of GNOMAE's many features is its ability to interface with and provide added services to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), or Electronic Scheduling Board (ESB) application as the (a) source of data and (b) tool for implementing the optimum solution.  Typical users are (1) analysts in engineering departments in large organization and (2) consultants to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the transportation, distribution, delivery, and manufacturing arenas.