GNOMAE consists of two modules: Modeler and Engine. The algorithm in the Engine optimizes any network produced using the Modeler.While Version 1.0 of both modules has been available for some time now and the Engine is thoroughly tested, IMI is still in the process of verifying that each client optimization is working correctly. Therefore, GNOMAE’s Engine is not available on this web site for automatic processing.If you have a network to be optimized, please ‘Contact Us’ and arrange for special processing.

This web site allows a client to:

  ● Upload a network for optimization.

  ● Download the resulting optimized network.

  ● Download various educational or explanatory documents.

To become a client only requires completing a simple registration process. There are two kinds of client representatives (Analyst and Guarantor) as explained following:

Analyst: This person uses GNOMAE’s Modeler to create and optimizes networks, i.e., the one responsible for analyzing all or part of a supply chain to make improvements or schedule a block of work. This is also the person that arranges an interface to another software application, (e.g., ERP, WMS, TMS, ESB, etc.) that automatically uploads and downloads networks to this website.  There may be multiple Analysts for one client.

Guarantor: This client representative approves and presents the monthly invoice for payment.

The Analyst and Guarantor may be the same person.

The data entry portion of this web page that allows registration will not be available until the Engine is installed to implement automatic optimizations.