IMI has made pricing and billing for GNOMAE a simple process.  The Modeler is free.  To request a copy; ‘Contact Us’, provide your contact information, and request an installation CD-ROM.  For each optimization produced by the Engine, $100 is charged.  At the end of each month; the number of solutions is multiplied by $100, included in an invoice, attached to an e-mail, and sent to the Guarantor.  Upon request, a copy will also be sent to the Analyst.

Caution: In the Modeler or through an interface, it is possible to submit a network for optimization that is unaudited or has failed the audit process. In addition, networks may be constructed that are not solvable, e.g., that are unbounded or infeasible. In both cases, $100 will still be charged.

Consulting is billed at a pre-arranged, onsite, hourly rate with travel and other expenses billed at actual cost.